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The Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek  is dominated by the peaks of the Kolahoi mountain some 20 km to the east. The lake is separated by a mountain with a minimum peak elevation of 4,000 metres (13,000 ft) from another lake of the same nature known as Marsar Lake, which is in the vicinity of Dachigam National Park. Together these two lakes are referred to as the twin sisters.

Day1: Reach Aru. 3-4 Hours’ Drive from Srinagar)
Day2: A 10km Trek From Aru (7,958ft.) to Lidderwat (9,131ft.)
Day3: Lidderwat – Shekwas(6-7kms)
Day4: Shekwas -Tarsar (5kms)
Day5: Tarsar – Sundersar(5kms)
Day6: Marsar – Homwas
Day7: Homwas – Aru; Drive to Srinagar

Day 1 : Journey to the base camp – Aru

On your arrival at Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir you will depart for Aru District at 2 pm. Before we leave for the basecamp you can always take a tour to witness the surreal beauty of Srinagar. The city is famous among the tourists for its beautiful artefacts and houseboats called “Shikara” on which you can admire the beauty of the Jhelum River. As there is no proper gravel road which connects Srinagar to Aru Village, thus we will pass through Pahalgam which is a very famous destination at Anantnag. Pahalgam is situated at a distance of 100km from Srinagar which takes 3 hours to reach.

Base Camp of the Hike

To reach the base camp before the sun sets we will depart from Srinagar at 2 pm. There are two routes towards Pahalgam, one passes through Anantnag and the other one through the Bijbehra. To experience the real beauty of the valleys in Kashmir we will drive through the Bijbehra route. On this route, you will get to see the beautiful phase of the Rural Kashmir lined with the apple orchards, walnut and apricot trees.

From Pahalgam, Aru is at a distance of 12km which will take another one and a half hour. Situated on the banks of Lidder River, you will be astonished to see the beauty of this small little village ornamented with lush green meadows and alpine trees. On the first day of the trek, Aru village is the base camp where you will spend the night in the tents set across the river bank.

Day 2 : Aru – Lidderwat

As the morning sun rises we will start our trek from Aru to Lidderwat which is at a distance of 9-10kms. To reach Lidderwat we will follow the trial of the Lidder River which will take us to the village located at the uphill. The journey to Lidderwat will give a small peak to the lifestyle of Gujjars and the Fir forests which covers the area. Just as we will cross the forests you will come across the sight of Gujjar huts laid in the area which gives a cue of the Lidderwat area.

To experience the true side of nature and the starlit sky we will set the camp on the streamside. One can also stay at the buildings built by the (Pahalgam District Authority). But for experience, the real adventure camping is a better option than lodging. To admire the beauty of the place you can take a walk around the riverside and return to the camp for night stay.

Day 3 : Lidderwat – Shekwas

After spending the night under the stars, we will cover a distance of approximately 6-7kms on the 3rd day. The trek will start from the PDA huts following the trial of the Lidder River to reach the pine forests. We will sit inside the Gujjar huts to enjoy a cup of tea with some snacks before we get back on our journey. As we proceed on our trek, the ascent will become steep due to increase in altitude.
The camp will be set on the Shekwas meadowland for the night.

Day 4 : Shekwas – Tarsar

Today we will head towards the Tarsar Lake which is the main attraction of this trek. The trek will start from the Shekwas meadow from where we will ascend 5kms towards the Sumbal. In this route, you will experience a lush green patch of grassland. Later we will follow the ridge to the stream which will head towards Tarsar Lake.

After a journey of few hours, you will be surprised to witness the enigmatic view of the almond-shaped lake from the conical hilltop. After experiencing an adventurous journey of crossing the stream through rocks and boulders you will reach the beautiful Tarsar grassland where you will set the camp for the night.

Day 5 : Tarsar – Sundersar

The day 5 will add some thrill and adventure to the trek as we will cross the Tarsar Pass which has an elevation of 13.500ft. The distance from the Tarsar lake to Sundersar is 5Kms approximately which will be covered in 5-6 hours.

After crossing the ridges and meadows you will see the beautiful view of the Sundersar Lake surrounded by luscious green landscapes. For the night the widely stretched landscapes at the bank of Sundersar lakes is a perfect location to set the camp.

Day 6 : Marsar – Homwas

To reach Marsar there are two passes to climb from Sundersar. The boulder laden trial pass is an easier path to reach Marsar on time. The trek from Sundersar to Marsar is a half an hour journey where you will also witness the beautiful green patches of grassland.

After reaching the top of the ridge you will see the beautiful view of the Marsar Lake hidden behind the dollops of clouds and mist. The Marsar Lake rest 600-700 ft. below and appears just like the Tarsar Lake.

As you enjoy the charismatic view of the Marsar Lake, head back down to Sundersar following the same route which will take approx. 40 minutes.

Later you will head towards Homwas which is the last destination of this trek. The journey will start from Sundersar from where you will walk towards Shekwas to reach Homwas in an hour. As the day ends you will set your camp at Homwas to spend the last night gazing at the dark sky.

Day 7 : Homwas – Aru.

Drive back to Srinagar
On the last day of your trek, you will get the chance to explore the same route downhill which you had taken earlier via Lidderwat. The descending walk from Homwas to Lidderwat is a 2hours journey which will give you the view of the shrinking Kolahoi glacier which you may have missed while trekking to Tarsar Lake. While climbing down you will also witness the pine forests of Lidderwat. After you reach Lidderwat halt for a while to take rest and eat something from the small tea stalls. Later you will cover a distance of 10kms from Lidderwat to Aru which will take another 4 hours. As you reach the Aru village a ride will be arranged to Srinagar.

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